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Time Haiku

May. 18 | Master now, what should be mastered in time, before your time is up. Share This:

Writing Haiku

May. 11 | What not worth writing down is probably not worth saying out either. Share This:

Surprise Haiku

May. 6 | If you are not surprised by what you ‘realised’, you are not enlightened yet. (Enlightenment is always surprising as it is the realisation of life-changing truths that were so obvious, yet missed for so long.) Share This:

Liar Haiku

Apr. 27 | The worst liars are liars who lie about their lying. Share This:

Matter Haiku

Apr. 19 | What does not matter at all later probably should not matter much at all now? Share This:

Life Haiku

Apr. 8 | Figure this life out before life runs out, before running in – again. Share This:

Focus Haiku

Mar. 22 | Nianfo is focus on one skill for mastering focus on all other skills [upon reaching Pure Land]. Share This:

Fragility Haiku

Mar. 15 | Aware of life’s fragility, and death’s eventuality, now live with certainty! Share This:

Today’s Haiku

Mar. 1 | If today is lived entirely just like yesterday was, today would be pointless! Share This:

Question Haiku

Feb. 22 | The only question that always matters – ‘What best to do now?’ Share This:

Precepts Haiku

Feb. 16 | Teachers lax with the precepts cannot be accurate or effective in teaching morality and karma. Share This:

Best Haiku

Feb. 8 | The best way to live is to be ever better in helping all to be the best. Share This:

Writing Haiku

Feb. 1 | Writing with ink mindfully, that cannot be erased, may we communicate so. Share This:

Attention Haiku

Jan. 25 | Note more of the noteworthy and less of the not. Share This:

Self Haiku

Jan. 18 | Accomplish the selfless to outdo and outlast your short-lived ‘self’, or your’self’ would not matter much. Share This: