[6] How Is There Non-Retrogression In Pure Land?

Apr. 18 | 净土十疑论 The Treatise On Ten Doubts About Pure Land 隋天台智者大师著 Written by Sui Dynasty’s Tiantai Tradition’s Great Master Zhizhe (538–597 CE) 优婆塞沈时安英译 ... Read more »


A Matter Of Life & Death

Apr. 18 | Although life continues in this moment, it can discontinue in the next too. As such, it is just as important to learn to die well, as it is to live well. – Stonepeace | Get Books Related... Read more »

Force Of Habit

Apr. 11 | As our habits either diminish or deepen, it is crucial to deepen the wholesome ones and to diminish the unwholesome ones. – Stonepeace | Get Books Read more »


Must Loved Ones & I Have Niches?

Apr. 17 | Question: I came across a columbarium flyer in my mailbox, offering early-bird booking discount. It is designed like a condominium ad, with pictures of lavish ‘suites’... Read more »


Seven Ironies In ‘Ilo Ilo’

Apr. 6 | ‘Ilo Ilo’ (爸妈不在家) is a movie about the intricate tensions of keeping even a small family together, of how adding a stranger into the mix can both worsen and... Read more »



Launch Of The Stonepeace Book Vol 1 & 2

Mar. 21 | Get The Books @ TheDailyEnlightenment.com/store Launch Of Stonepeace Books | Reviews | Introduction | Stonepeace? | Trailers | Contents | Gallery Read more »

Stonepeace (Set 10)

Jan. 28 | Like us for more @ https://www.facebook.com/stonepeacesayings Like us for more @ https://www.facebook.com/stonepeacesayings Read more »