How Regret Can Be Good (Or Bad)

Feb. 22 | Always regret evil done and good not done. Never regret good done and evil not done. – Stonepeace | Books In Buddhism, regret is not guilt. Guilt is an ego-driven emotion and... Read more »


True Liberation

Feb. 22 | He who cling to emptiness And neglects compassion, Does not reach the highest stage. But he who practices only compassion, Does not gain release from toils of existence. He, however,... Read more »

Verse On Purification

Feb. 16 | 以水盥掌, 当愿众生, 得清净手, 受持佛法。 – 文殊菩萨 (华严经: 净行品: 第45偈) With water washing the palms, [reflect... Read more »


Why Eat Plants As They Have Life Too?

Feb. 22 | Question: When chatting with meat-eating friends regarding myself going vegan, they say vegetables have life too. How should I reply? Answer: You can reply that plants do indeed... Read more »


LIGHT Issue 4

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LIGHT Issue 3

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Launch Of The Stonepeace Book Vol 1 & 2

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Stonepeace (Set 10)

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