The Silently Teaching Tears Of Compassion

Sep. 20 | Saying so much more than speaking many words is one timely act of kindness. - Stonepeace | Books … Ryokan’s sparse use or absence of words came from his lifelong practice... Read more »



Sep. 20 | Falling blossoms. Blossoms in bloom are also falling blossoms. - Ryokan Read more »

From Bodhicitta To Bodhisattvas To Buddhas

Sep. 3 | 无大乘法即无菩提心, 无菩提心即无菩萨道, 无菩萨道即无菩萨成, 无菩萨成即无佛陀成, 无佛陀成即无佛所教, 无佛所教即无罗汉道, 无罗汉道即无罗汉成. With... Read more »


Answering Dharma Queries

Sep. 20 | Question: Dear Shi’an, over the years, you have accumulated many students. You encourage them to e-mail their questions on Buddhism to you, which you have always reply promptly.... Read more »


LIGHT Issue 3

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LIGHT Issue 4

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Seven Ironies In ‘Ilo Ilo’

Apr. 6 | ‘Ilo Ilo’ (爸妈不在家) is a movie about the intricate tensions of keeping even a small family together, of how adding a stranger into the mix can both worsen and... Read more »



Launch Of The Stonepeace Book Vol 1 & 2

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Stonepeace (Set 10)

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